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The Kamiya Qi-Tapper

Design of the Qi-tapper

The Qi-tapper has a unique head that is made of a special soft rubber material that allows you to rhythmically and effectively tap on specific points on your feet and body.
The Qi-tapper has been designed for optimum comfort and therapeutic effect. It has a special hollow in the head so that when you tap the body it feels comfortable. Tapping helps to reduce "kori" or knotted muscle tension, thus reducing chronic muscle pain and your lower back problem.The Qi-tapper has been specially designed so that it does not damage the body. Hold the Qi-tapper comfortably by its wooden handle and adjust the tapping strength according to your needs and comfort while reaching the point. (Please note that the Qi-tapper is a specially designed product - If you use another kind of hammer you will risk injury of your muscles and bones.)

Use the Qi-tapper for therapeutic purposes only. If you experience pain or discomfort, stop immediately.

Using the Qi-tapper

The Qi-Tapper is an easy to use self-therapy tool for people of all ages and levels of fitness. To help you get started, an instructional guidebook is included with each Qi-Tapper.

The video shown here demonstrates how to use the Qi-Tapper for a full body treatment.

Why does your body hurt?

Daily activities can cause your body to become misaligned.
The human body is not uniform and over the years and through our activities, the muscles can become imbalanced; some muscles become tighter, others become weaker. The body is no longer perfectly aligned along the centre and one leg often becomes shortened. Eventually, the leg and knee can become unstable and then the muscles become even tighter, like cement. This causes pain in the muscles and lower back and even the neck and shoulders.


The answer?

With the help of The Kamiya Qi-tapper you can help your body restore proper alignment by loosening these "cemented" muscles.
Qi-tapper therapy does not treat pain in the low back directly or immediately. Used for only 10-20 minutes a day, Qi-tapper therapy treats the imbalance in the structure of the lower part of the body. It helps to straighten the alignment of the body, which allows the muscles to relax. This results in relaxation of the upper part of the body as well. The process is gradual, but the results are far reaching and in many cases even life-changing.


Return Policy

Our product comes with 60 days return policy. If you are not satisfied with our product, simply return it and we will refund you your money without any questions asked..



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