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Kamiya Shiatsu Stretching DVD

Kamiya Shiatsu Stretching DVD

Thorough stretching normalizes the muscle distortions and alignment of the body immediately resulting in more effective, longer lasting treatment. Shiatsu stretching is a great accompaniment to any shiatsu or massage treatment. Shiatsu stretching is a specially designed set of over 50 techniques that therapists can use to complement their shiatsu treatments. In this video, shiatsu master Kaz Kamiya personally demonstrates each technique. Also included is an instructional guidebook to help you follow each movement.


What is Shiatsu Stretching - Shiatsu Seitai?

In Japan, shiatsu is often called "shiatsu seitai" rather than simply shiatsu. "Seitai" means to balance and regulate the body, or "to stretch". Kaz Kamiya has named his techniques Shiatsu Stretching and Seitai Balance Therapy to show stretching as an integral part of the shiatsu treatment, just as important as the pressure method.


Kamiya Shiatsu Stretching DVD

Each Kamiya Shiatsu Stretching DVD comes with an easy to read Instructional guide book. Highly recommended for shiatsu and massage therapists and students. (Available in both English and Japanese.)

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